Learn the steps to the ‘Jai Ho’ dance, as seen in the film ‘Slumdog millionaire'. This cheeky and expressive routine is a great example of Bollywood (modern Indian dance). The choreography is energetic but easy to learn and creates a fantastic atmosphere for a group workshop.



The party package includes:

  • A 2 hr dance workshop
  • Studio hire: Revel In Dance will book a suitable venue in your chosen location 
  • Use of costume accessories
  • A glass of bubbly for every party member
  • A cupcake for every party member
  • A routine guranteed to impress!

Special Gift:

​Your hen/birthday girl will also receive a high quality DVD that featues a photo montage and your group performance footage. In addition to this, she will also receive a disk of printable photographs that capture the whole dance experience. 

  Costumes accessories supplied:

  • Bright Sari scarf to be draped over one shoulder and tied
  • Bindi sticker (to be worn on forehead)

  What to wear: The experience and video will most definitely be enhanced by ‘looking the part’

  Suggestions are as follows:

  • Short sleeved top to be worn under scarf (ideally bearing mid drift)
  • Sari style trousers/skirt
  • Leggings (ideally brightly coloured)
  • Jewellery (earrings/bracelets)
  • Henna tattoos/transfers


The workshop is designed to be fun, accessible and socialable. The choreography is broken down into counts and sections to ensure that everybody finds it easy to pick up and totally uncomplicated. The aim  of the session is for the group to learn the routine to a good standard so you all look great on the video! During the workshop there will be drinks breaks for you all to stop, chat and mingle over a glass of bubbly and a cupcake. With a group performance to prepare for, the workshop offers a wondeful shared experience for all involved and serves as a great way for  people to get to know each other . 


Hen party groups!


Why not surprise the groom and guests?! Perform the routine at the wedding!




Here's what Rsaid about about A Revel in Dance Charleston Hen Party 

"Sarah organised us the most fantastic dance workshop. She was very patient with us and some how managed to teach us all the dance routine despite some of have having two left feet! The afternoon was great fun and we all have a DVD of us doing the dance together and a compilation of some great photos during the session, which makes a fabulous momento. The session was also extremely good value."  April 2013

...I have no co-ordidnation, but I found it really good fun and easy to follow. A sexy, burlesque workshop, but able to bring my mum and aunt...!” Charlotte, Bride-to-be (Burlesque workshop)


"Sarah broke down the steps to the 'Single Ladies' routine really effectively , so much so that we gave a pretty convincing rendition!  The workshop was so much fun -we'll all be talking about it for years to come..." Sally, Party organiser (Single Ladies workshop)

Cupcakes & bubbly

Every hen receives a glass of bubbly and a cupcake during their workshop.

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